Can’t Wait Wednesday: Persepolis Rising by James S.A. Corey

Thanks to Bones, Books, & Buffy, I’m now aware of Can’t Wait Wednesday — the gist of the idea is to gush about not-yet-released books, and boy howdy, am I down for that!

My love for The Expanse is well-known and well-documented (if you’ve known me for more than a day, I’ve probably yelled about it), and I am so excited for Persepolis Rising, the seventh book in the series.



In the thousand-sun network of humanity’s expansion, new colony worlds are struggling to find their way. Every new planet lives on a knife edge between collapse and wonder, and the crew of the aging gunship Rocinante have their hands more than full keeping the fragile peace.

In the vast space between Earth and Jupiter, the inner planets and belt have formed a tentative and uncertain alliance still haunted by a history of wars and prejudices. On the lost colony world of Laconia, a hidden enemy has a new vision for all of humanity and the power to enforce it.

New technologies clash with old as the history of human conflict returns to its ancient patterns of war and subjugation. But human nature is not the only enemy, and the forces being unleashed have their own price. A price that will change the shape of humanity — and of the Rocinante — unexpectedly and forever…

Well, that’s not ominous, is it?

I’ve enjoyed every book in the series so far, and I truly admire the authors’ ability to play the long game — but we’re into the final act now, and a part of me is terrified to see just how bad things will get before the end. There’s no doubt in my mind that every plot line will be resolved satisfactorily, if not tidily and simply (it’s too big and complex a universe for that), but I’ll be sad to leave these characters behind (especially Bobbie Draper!).

At least there are still two books after this, right?

Only three more weeks to go until this is in my hot little hands!

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Time to blow off the dust!

So much for blogging, huh? At least there’s no such thing as “oops, I missed my chance to start a blog where I talk about books and writing, like approximately eighteen million other people on the planet”.

But as I get more serious about writing (one might argue I have never been less than completely serious about writing, but you know), and as Tumblr — my main social media platform — turns into a snake eating its own young (aka: its user base; this is the gentlest metaphor I could come up with), I want to have a space just for myself, to ramble and rave and rant (and alliterate).

I sound like an utterly pretentious turd, when in reality I am often nervous, usually worried, and always tired. I just really, really like words, and I just really, really like books, and most of all, I like making words dance.

I like it when other people do the same.

To that end, I gave myself a goal at the beginning of the year: to read forty new-to-me books by the end of December 2017. I’ve upped that to sixty new-to-me books, though I’m not sure if I’ll make that new goal. But I have read some incredible things along the way, and discovered some fantastic new authors, namely:

  • Jeff VanderMeer, author of The Southern Reach Trilogy and Borne
  • Emma Newman, author of The Split Worlds and Planetfall series
  • Yoon Ha Lee, author of The Machineries of Empire series
  • Rachel Aaron/Rachel Bach, author of the Paradox trilogy
  • Max Gladstone, author of The Craft Sequence

I could go on (and on), but those five stand out as some of the most fun, risk-taking, adventurous, and ambitious authors I’ve encountered lately. And I wouldn’t have encountered any of them (except maybe Rachel Bach, since she was already on my radar after her great post about increasing your word count), if I hadn’t a) shifted my focus away from reading fanfic (still working through that fic backlog, though!), and b) dedicated myself to reading more women authors, more POC authors, and more LGBTQIA authors.

Roughly, I gave myself the goal of reading two or three books by non cishet straight white male authors for every book I did read by cishet straight white male authors. This isn’t a call for cookies, because I should have been reading diversely years before this, but I am beyond delighted with what I have gotten to read so far.

I still have to dig into Ann Leckie’s Provenance, as well as VanderMeer’s Acceptance, and basically every book on this list is calling my name. Not to mention Persepolis Rising, the seventh book in The Expanse series, which I will ride to hell and back for, any day of the week. Thank goodness for my Kindle, and for Overdrive!

From here on out, I’ll be posting book reviews here (and probably linking them to my Tumblr, since I am not yet angry enough to remove myself from its maw), and talking about my own writing. That will get its own post, however, since I will go on (and on — that’ll be a trend) about what I’m working on there.

But for now — it’s time for lunch, and that means reading and knitting. I’m halfway through The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden, which I’m enjoying immensely (I have a great fondness for alternate-Russia fantasies).

Till next time!