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May 20, 2012

Nerdy Earworm: May 20, 2012

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It’s no secret that I want to be a fantasy author. I’ve been coming up with stories about monsters and heroes since I was in second grade, and some of the characters I wrote stories about back them are still around, in vastly changed shapes. If there’s a prayer I say daily, it’s “Please, help me get this all out of my head and on to the page, and then let someone other than me love it”.

There’s been a lot of interest in what writers listen to as they’re writing, probably popularized by That Woman* being really open about what trashy, horrible music** she listens to while she writes her trashy, horrible books***, but I can never resist finding out what an author’s playlist (or playlists) look like. Maybe the secret for success is locked inside a particular combination of musical notes and if I play them in the right order, I’ll find what I need to turn this mess into a coherent narrative. Or maybe I’ll find Earth, if I’m really Starbuck in disguise (note: I am not Starbuck in disguise. OR AM I?).

Every so often I come across a band or a song or even just a line that gives me a whole new scene, or a fresh way of looking at what I’ve already created. My latest earworm happens to be this:

Grimes — “Oblivion”.

Doesn’t she look like a character from a Neal Stephenson novel? Her boombox probably does double duty as a high-tech hoverboard that will explode if anyone but her touches it. The fact that one of her albums is called Giedi Primes only convinces me further that she is, in fact, a visitor from the future with a message for us all. Or a Harkonnen agent. Either way! Awesome!

I can already feel something percolating, thanks to this song, so I’m going to play through it a few more times until I’ve caught whatever inspiration it’s providing. I hope you like it!

What’s YOUR earworm today, readers (ha! I say this like I have readers!)?

* – Stephenie Meyer (haha, she can’t even spell her own name right, the jerk.

** – music that even I refused to listen to when it was 2003 and I was really into the Blood Brothers.

*** – The Twilight Saga, which is pretty much everything that is terrible in my life, all rolled up into book form.


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